Those Bananas look gross. Time to make Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

Well aren’t you in for a treat. Two posts in two days. I know what you are thinking, no, I did not farm out my baking or blogging to someone in India. I just had bananas that needed to be consumed, and I didn’t feel like eating three bananas in one sitting. It sounds counter productive and a little crazy. And anyone who knows me is well aware I am not crazy.

I have had banana bread maybe three times in my life. They were probably all pretty good, but not nearly as good as mine, this I am sure. How do I know? I just do, alright. There is something about making it yourself that makes things that much more enjoyable. New blog idea . On second thought I am pretty sure I lack the time.

Well let us begin. I thought a banana bread recipe would be a little bit more in-depth then what I found out. Here it is in two sentences… Mix all the ingredients together. Put it in a bread pan and bake at 325 degrees for an hour. BLOG POST DONE. JK LOL

Just a sneak peek of what the end product looks like

Finished Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe. It's real nice. Continue reading

White Powder! or atleast the power of white flour. It’s pretty good – A Simple Bread Recipe

Welcome to another mutually beneficial installment of brewing and baking. Mutually beneficial in that I get to bake and also write hilarity that chronicles simple recipes. You can either try them yourself or laugh at me. It’s your choice, I am still going to write.

I recently purchased some cool cook books from a local thrift store and was planning Continue reading

Betty Crocker’s long lost nerd?

Although I would love to apologize for the delay in entertainment, I can not. Being this humorous and particular in prose is very taxing and wears one out. Just kidding, I have just been a little busy. I will explain the Betty Crocker thing at the commencement of this post. Don’t you dare scroll down.

Now to the fun stuff. Last summer we had the biennial Graves family rebellion in the Flathead Lake, Montana area. Good fun, lots of picking on grandma, Continue reading