Fear not, there is more.

After a brief stint in Vegas, enjoying not all that the town has to offer, I am back in the land of the Big Sky with a few ideas for BrewingAndBaking.com. I had Smithwicks for the first time in a long time, and would like to try a Smithwicks clone. I found one here. which I plan on trying once tax season is done. I owe the man, and the man is keeping me from providing hilarious and informational written monologues to all those who enjoy, or have given up anything educational for lent.

Also on the line up, other olive oil cakes because the Orange Scented Olive Oil Cake was the bees knees. And two of my favorite edible things combined into one magnificent blast of oral awesomeness – Chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake. I have also had the request of Italian Semifreddo, cupcakes, more pretzel bread, something lobster, more pretzel bread, oh and more pretzel bread.

So after tax time, get ready internet, you may be blown away by magical undigestible pictures and explanations of how I (or more likely how I attempted) perfected probably pretty easy recipes.

Step by mis-step of the Orange Tasting Light and Moist Cake.

Ya, I renamed it. I heard too much “John, what’s this called?” and then “That is kind of a dumb name.” My response (in my head), “Look lady, I just do the baking, not the naming.” I will just take it on myself to rename everything from here on out. I am pretty good at renaming things as you can tell.

So my last post promised to post the outcome and findings, and explanation of my renditions of the recipe sent to me by my father. It has taken me a few days to sum it all up in my head, and get my blog fingers ready. Here goes…. Continue reading

Conquering the Unknown. Orange-Scented Olive Oil Cake Recipe

Of the many things I am thankful for about my father is his ability to make me a better person. Whether it is personal or professional, he has a great way of making sure I continue to learn and grow. Which brings me to my next recipe; Orange-scented Olive Oil Cake.

I received an email from Mr. K on sunday with this link – http://www.saveur.com/article/Recipes/Orange-Scented-Olive-Oil-Cake and a little note, “Here’s one to consider for your website.” Awesome, I like oranges and cake, Continue reading